Level 1 Course

Compulsory for All


Session 1 - Introduction to the Track

After housekeeping and a short overview of the day’s format, we will all then ride onto the circuit where you will be introduced to the track. We will move slowly around the circuit, stopping in key areas to observe and discuss the lay out and negotiation of the track. We will point out the best lines to be used and where and how you can safely enter and exit the circuit.

Session 2 – How We Make our bike Change Direction

Session two begins with a lecture and static demonstration on ways of making the motorcycle change direction. We discuss steering versus leaning and counter steering. Students will then practice counter steering through set exercises and during open laps.

Session 3 - Body Positioning

Session three begins with a lecture and static demonstration of how and why we use our bodies to assist the handling of our motorcycles. Students will watch as the instructor, using a rear stand mounted motorcycle, adopts correct body positioning to gain maximum control and feedback from the motorcycle.
Students will then move onto the circuit to practice body positioning with counter steering as the instructors follow and assess their progress.

Session 4 – Turn Entry Points

Session four begins with discussions on time equalling distance and its relevance to our decision making when riding a motorcycle at speed. Students will be introduced to the principles of good cornering in the class environment and the very strong benefits looking ahead can give the motorcycle rider. We will then again move onto the track to practice this valuable technique.

Session 5 – Braking

Session five begins with discussions on correct braking techniques, the relevance of the front versus rear brake and the need to “Brush and Bury” the brake lever. This is the first session that students will be using their brakes prior to cornering as all previous sessions were completed using fourth gear and no brakes to concentrate on those specific techniques.
Students will use fourth gear and brakes during this session and practice combining braking with all previous techniques learnt.

Session 6 - Gears, Brakes, Everything

This session is really about putting it all together, we will cover gear changes, hydraulic versus cable clutch, rev matching, preloading the gear lever and thinking about all the previous techniques learnt throughout the day.
If you can put them all together you are ready for some serious fun.
If you find that its all been to much to remember, and you want to stay using 4th gear and brakes or 4th gear and no brakes, or gears and no brakes, they are all ok in this session, remember you will now be able to go faster than you have before at any time today, so allow more distance to brake, and stay alert or come in and have a break

“Whether you think you can or you can't,

either way you are right"

(Macka, talking about corners)

Open laps

This will be the last session of the day, and you are invited to use this time to practice techniques learnt. You will be assessed at all times by marshals who will be available to give you feedback on your overall progress. This is not the time to try something new, but to enhance skills you have gained throughout the day.

Course Closure

That gives you an insight into what we can offer you at TRAKDAYZ and the benefits that one of our courses can give to you as a rider. Remember, vacancies do fill fast so get in early. Get out onto the open track and enjoy the thrill that only a motorcycle rider can ever know. It is the best fun you can have with your clothes on!