New Rules for Trading Trakdayz Places / Tickets

Fri, 4 Oct 2013

For the last few Trakdayz days, there has been a frenzy of trading of places/tickets/whatever you like to call them in the days before the actual day. This got beyond ridiculous for the September 29 day with people trading spots after 5 pm on the night before the actual day.
This created an unmanageable nightmare creating the paperwork for licensing of riders for the da,y as MWA (who create the licenses) close for business at 4pm Friday and we have to have the licensing list in to them at least 2 days prior to that so they can produce them.

As a result, the following rules will apply as of right now!

No trades, sales, swaps or giveaways of places/tickets/or whatever you call them, will be accepted or honoured after 12 Midday on the Wednesday before the actual Trakdayz day.
All trades, sales, swaps or giveaways must be submitted by email (not Facebook) to: no later than 12 Midday on the Wednesday before the actual Trakdayz date and the person filling the place/ticket/etc MUST produce a copy of that email from the previous occupant of that spot to Trakdayz at sign in on the actual Trakdayz day (the person who is vacating the spot emails Trakdayz and CC's the new place holder). If the email is not produced at sign in, the person will not ride.

Anyone discovered on-selling a Trakdayz place/spot/ticket/ etc for more than the website list price of that place/spot/ticket/etc, will be immediately life banned from purchasing any Trakdayz products and attending any Trakdayz days or events.

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