Mugello Moto GP

Sun, 9 Jun 2013

 Imagine spending a total of 55hrs flying to and from Florence and around 3k just to watch Rossi get taken out on the first lap in turn 3 right in front  of our our grandstand. Luckily that was only part of the trip to Italy for zim and I. The crowd of 76000was as always primarily Rossi fans who where all excited that their local hero was riding for a podium place at least on the day. When the crash occurred it went from a emotion of raw excitement to one that could be found at a funeral. Watching at least 10000 people walking out of the mugello race track within minutes of the crash had us realising just how much motogp is Rossi and rossi is motogp. Apart from the race we again met with many race fans who are now email friends and some of which will be coming to Australia to see if it is half as good as we said it thing that did make my trip was the flight back from Florence to Amsterdam where I sat next to hank the photographer for motogp for the past 40 years and he gave me a running commentary with pictures for the entire flight on the current and pa st gp riders. Thanks hank I could have listened to you all the way back to oz. question? Is Rossi engaged, for about a month now, does he have a step brother, same mum but different dad? Next trip is KL in October, hopefully the team will see you there.



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