Group 3 Bonus Offer

Sun, 11 Apr 2021

If you book and pay for a Group 3 spot on either 02 May at Collie Long Circuit or 09 May at Wanneroo Raceway, you will receive an exclusive invitation to a special "Tech Talk" event on 24 April.

Trakdayz Group 3 Coach and International Racer Steve Martin present to you on the following topics:

* Demonstration of suspension / chassis set up and tips for using stock bike set up

* Rider / body positioning on the bike

* Body position relative to corner type and speed

* Braking techniques and sequence

* Track references and target fixation

All of these topics are advanced and based on Steve's numerous years racing, riding and coaching in Europe and Asia.

There is no additional charge for the 2 hour session which will start at 1pm on Saturday 24 April at a venue in Hamilton Hill.

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