Mon, 12 Apr 2010

Saturday  April 4th

Today was to just run the bike in and to get back on  the bike after not being on it for about 4 months.  In the first 2 sessions I was just running in the new crank and piston after it had just been rebuilt from a seizure at the Kings of Wanneroo 2009.  For the rest of the day I wasn’t trying to do anything special.  We made a couple of changes to my suspension, other than that the bike was good.  We got faster and faster as the day went on which was the plan in the first place.  I still wasn’t  as fast as most of the other riders.

Sunday April 5th

It was the first round of 125cc state championship.  The weather was not good it was cloudy and it was forecast to shower.  I went out for morning practise the weather was ok so was the track.  My fastest time was 54.7 and I was the 5th fastest, with the leader of morning practise doing a 53.2.


We only got 1 qualifying session so you had to get it right.  The weather wasn’t looking good , it looked like a shower was on the way so dad said for me to put my head down and put a decent lap time on the board.  My qualifying time was a 52.9 which was much faster time than my morning practise time.  My time put me 4th on the front row of the grid.  The pole time was a 50.6 by Ben Millington.  We were happy with our result.

Race 1

The weather wasn’t looking good but it was dry for the time being.  As we lined up on the grip the rain started coming down and we were on slicks.  There was no time to change it was going to be an interesting race.  I got an ok start and was in 4th .  The first  3 riders were in a pack I was just behind them.  We had completed 3 laps and as I came out of turn 3 I saw the bike of Ben Millington up in the air.  He had run off into the gravel and hit the tyre wall.  He was ok but the bike was a mess the race was red flagged. we knew it was going to be a full restart so dad and i quickly put tyre warmers on the bike and refuelled just in time to be called out again.  I was just behind 2nd place who was Dillan McDermott I attempted a pass on the inside going into turn 1 which is a nearly flat out corner on a 125. I ran wide going into the dirt.  But I got it back on track and made it home for a third place.  We were happy with our result.  My best time was a 52.2 which  my best time for the weekend and it was raining when I done it.

Race 2

The weather had cleared up little bit for the time being.  I got a bad start from accidentally starting in second gear.  I was in forth place and I was just behind Sam Clarke.  I passed him going into turn 1.  By the time I got passed him the leaders had got away so I brung it home for a solid 3rd place.  My best time wasn’t as fast as the first race.  I had done a 52.8.

Race 3

The last race of the day I was happy with my results so far so I wasn’t going  mess it up in the last race.  I got a good start and  was in third place I couldn’t keep up with the leaders.  I was doing constant lap times so 4th place didn’t catch me.  I got a comfortable 3rd place.

Overall I got 3rd place for the day.  That was a good start to the long race season.  I would like to thank the guys at Trakdayz for their help and support.  Andy Offer for doing the mechanical work on my bike.  Kev and Joondalup motorcycle for their help.  And of course mum and dad for having really deep pockets

Next race meeting 18th april MCRC club day.


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