Thu, 22 Jan 2009

2009 will see many improvements on an already successful formula for TRAKDAYZ. 

TRAKDAYZ has been running in the current format for five years and we have a well established and respected profile among motorcyclists in WA. 

Our new website has been well received.  New facilities released in conjunction with the website include more information pages, a waiting list, great images, a simpler booking system and regular updates. 

We have had great feedback about the new website recently and would like to thank everyone for their contributions of word and glam!   We love it when people comment on their picture being on the site.  Thats what TRAKDAYZ is all about: you, our customers!  We want everyone to leave with a smile - cause as we know.. "they're free..!" 

2009 will see many advances including refinements to the website, booking system and registration, improved communication with our coaches and helpers, rider insurance and the release of a new sponsored TRAKDAYZ bike.

Discounts for MA Licence holders will be available from mid February.  Our new system will be modified to suit a streamlined discount process and you will be able to apply for a 2009 discount as in previous years.  There will be a notice on the website indicating when the MA discounts are available and how to apply. 

Keep in touch with us through the year by signing up to the newsletter distribution list (TRAKADDICTZ) and let us know what you think.

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