A few comments our riders have made about us:

Thank you so much for your coaching. If I did not go to a track day late last year I would probably not be alive. I was riding my new 1200cc on a 250cc license (L plates) and on a tightening right hand bend, I had to stop and move off the road for some idiot driver coming sideways around the corner. There was no room for error and I managed to place the bike exactly where I wanted to without dropping it. If it was not for the experience I got on my first trackday, there would be no way I could have missed getting hit. The guy riding behind me was not so lucky but he lived through it (just). Thank you sincerely from all the riders that learnt enough from you to stay alive. You are providing an invaluable service to us all.

Julie. 01 June 2013

"The price for doing 200kph on the road = your licence and $2000.

The price for doing the same speed on the track = a BIG GRIN"

... and who better to do it with than the team at TRAKDAYZ.

Think you are a good rider, then you will be pleasantly surprised at what you will learn.  Can't recommend TRAKDAYZ enough."   Jeff






"I went to the very first TRAKDAYZ and have been a regular ever since.  I've attended Barbagello and Collie days, and the twilight sessions.  While I have benefited from the coaching and dropped my lap times significantly, the best thing is it is a great way to spend a day - or weekend if you do Collie.  The TRAKDAYZ crew run excellent events.  They are obviously driven by a passion for bikes and their enthusiasm is infectious."  Neil Stewart

"I have been attending TRAKDAYZcourses at Barbagallo Raceway and Collie Motoplex for a number of years and it has improved my riding and confidence.  I highly recommend that any new rider does themselves a favour and starts off their safe riding career by attending the Level 1 course and progressing through the levels offered by TRAKDAYZ.  Learning what you can and can't do on your bike, in a safe enviroment I feel, is a must for any rider, I attend courses regularly to keep my skilll level up."  Stonneville (Sandra)

"Before TRAKDAYZ I had been riding an assortment of sports bikes and sports tourers on the road for 20years. I realise now that prior to coming to a Trakdayz course I didn’t really know how to ride a bike.  On the first day I was impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of the Trakdayz staff.  Practicing the drills throughout the day in the controlled environment of a race track made me a much more confident and safer rider on the road.  In one day I gained much better control over the bike and could confidently corner and brake in road situations knowing that the bike and I were capable of much more.  I would recommend the Stage 1 course to any road rider as a “must do”.

I have found the same level of professionalism on levels 2, 3 and 4 as I found on level 1, with as much or a little coaching as you need available.  The whole day is very well run and its even more impressive when you realise that people are giving their time for free just for the love of the sport.  The only problem is it is so easy to become a Trakdayz addict like me !"  Simon Burroughes

"I always feel I am in good hands with the TRAKDAYZ crew.  The day is always well organised, runs smoothly with experienced marshalls on track with you always willing to advise and help you become a better rider without being smarty pants, pushy or in your face.  Having heaps of fun in a safe manner which is a priority for me is a priority for them also. I keep coming back!!"  
Dave Lauder Lauder/Snapperhead/Guido

"Not only do you have the best fun you can have with your clothes on, you also learn heaps about you, your bike and how to better ride it.  TRAKDAYZ takes you from the fundamentals at stage 1 right through to advanced instruction by experienced racers in groups 2 to 4.  My wife and I are regulars and she did her first session after only having her licence for 3 weeks!  Far from being intimidating, the TRAKDAYZ crew make the whole experience welcoming and fun.  I would highly recommend it to anyone from beginner to serious rider. Try it, but beware, you'll be hooked! "   Chris Kirkby, Lesmurdie

"My name is Neil and I have been regularly partaking in TRAKDAYZ events as a mature age ex-racer for a few years now.  I feel that they offer the best balance of safety, organisation, formality, communication, and learning opportunity out of a number of track day operators that I have experienced.  The team is personable but thorough and always willing to lend a helping hand without being in your face.  The split into four groups of twenty is spot on, as is the fifteen minute sessions.  The starter group is fantastic for first timers whilst group four gives the skilled ones scope to get even better. I would never hesitate to recommend their events." Neil Yann

“I've been to almost every TRAKDAYZ event at w'roo.  Started out just wanting to "have a go on the local track" met some great blokes who have become good friends!

The coaches are laid back (horizontal in some cases!) but still seem to get the message across = have fun and if you want we can make you smoother, quicker and safer.  Not a bad thing in my mind.

As an ex bike instructor it's good to see the success of the TRAKDAYZ method.

...............bloody hell they've even got me racing!”   Craig # 97

"As a regular TRAKDAYZ rider, I really love the TRAKDAYZ experience. TRAKDAYZ make sure that everyone has a fun, safe day.  By separating riders into different groups, people are similar levels of experience and talent are able to ride safely, at a level that meets their abilities.  The coaches are then able to provide assistance, to those who need and want it, whilst allowing everyone time to ride to their own pace.

In each of the groups, the coaches focus on the skills required for the group with individuals getting special attention to assist specific needs.  This has helped improve my riding very rapidly, with an excellent "no question is too stupid approach".

With TRAKDAYZ providing the largest choice for track time in WA (Barbagallo Raceway both during the day and at twilight and the Collie Motoplex) there is no better way to spend time on track in WA.

No matter your skill or experience level, the opportunity to ride your bike whilst on purpose built race track, in a safe manner is invaluable.

Its really simple, if you ride, you should be at TRAKDAYZ.   See you there." 


I would like to thank and congratulate TRAKDAYZ for the event at Collie on the 8th of Feb.  My son Dillan had his first ever crack at road bikes after some years as a junior MX. 

Dillan is now a third generation road racer and right at the moment I can't wipe the smile off his face.  The information and skills that Dillan was shown on the track will go along way to helping him in his endeavours to become a better rider. 

Its amazing when you think of all the negative publicity our sport gets that no one sits down and looks at the positives like the skills that will also assist us in making our roads a safer place or to take the time to acknowledge the good that this sport does.

Not only is motorcycling a natural high I can assure you that it keeps generations of families happy and communicating the same as it has done to mine and many others.  Keep up the good work TRAKDAYZ, we will definitely be seeing you again.  Thanks again from Stephen McDermott