Protective Gear

TRAKDAYZ is governed by the Regulations in the 2016 Manual of Motorcycle Sport (General Competition Rules) and requires that safety apparel meet these standards.

All riders are required to wear protective riding apparel that includes:

  • Full fingered gauntlet style Motorcycle Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Motorcycle boots (calf high)
  • Pants/jacket/leathers as shown under the group heading below.



The Motorcycling Australia, Manual of Motorsports, states:

Helmets must carry one of the following approval labels, as listed in Rule 01.70 of the FIM Technical Rules.

a) Europe ECE 22 - 04, ECE 22 - 05
b) Great Britain BS 6658 Grade A & B (All disciplines)
c) USA DOT Federal Standard No 218 / SNELL M95, M2000, M2005
d) Japan JIS T 8133:2000, or Australia Standards Association of Australia AS1698

These labels can be found either on a sticker on the outer shell, or on the inside of the helmet.



Group 1

A minimum of:

Kevlar reinforced jeans or similar.

Leather or reinforced material motorcycle specific Jacket 

Leather motorcycle pants and jacket are highly recommended. 

Other gear as above.



Groups 2 & 3 & 4

Full leathers, 1 or 2 piece must be worn.

2 piece leathers must zip together horizontally around the lower back and waist area.

Leathers can be hired from the Motorcycle Pit Stop.





For all your motorcycle protective clothing needs,

see Craig and Karen at the Motorcycle Pit Stop.

Motorcycle Pit Stop
(08) 9328 7766
29 Angove St
North Perth WA 6006