Course Schedule

Whether you ride in all or part of your sessions, you ride at your own risk.

Riding a motorcycle is a dangerous and hazardous activity, all riders should take into account their own riding ability, condition of their equipment and possible track conditions before riding.

All riders should be aware that other riders might not have the same level of ability and allow for that.

Gates Open


Gates open at 7am.

Pit bays are allocated according to the stage you have enrolled in; follow the signs to your stage pit area. 

Usually Group 1 is in the first set of carports closest to the training / registration office. 
Group 4 is the furthest away..

There will be signs in the pits showing where to groups park.

Registration/Sign on

The registration desk opens at 7:00am and closes at 7:45am.

Sign on in the race office or training room (depending on the venue) as soon as you arrive.  This will allow the day to start on time.

Bring your TRAKDAYZ Invoice to the Registration Desk.   At sign on, you will receive a one day track licence and a numbered wrist band.

You will be asked to complete a Rider Form with medical and emergency contact details.

This information is provided to the Ambulance Service and destroyed following the course.   It is important that you make the staff aware of any medical problems or medications you take.

The number on this form correlates with your wrist band, to help first aid crew provide timely help in the event of an injury.




Your bike will be scruitineered before 8:00am and a sticker placed on the bike to confirm its readiness for the track. 

Follow this link for more information on how to make your bike ready.


Rider Briefing

All riders must be present for the morning briefing at 8:00am or will not be allowed on the track, unless another briefing can be arranged for you. 

Safety needs to come first and all riders must obey set regulations. Riders who do not conform with the rules may be removed from participating in any further activities on the day. (No refund given)


The canteen at both venues will be open, unless stated.  Its important that you have enough food and drink for the day to keep well hydrated and maintain your energy throughout the day. 

More information on nutrition and hydration can be found on the Australian Institute of Sport Website.


What else to bring

Fuel is not available at the track.  Please ensure your tank is full and where possible bring a small jerry can of fuel with you.  Most riders average about 180km of track riding.

  • Sun protection is a must on all days - both sunny and cloudy.
  • TRAKDAYZ Invoice and proof of payment
  • Medic Alert information and/or epi pens
  • Race licence or Annual Recreational Licence if held
  • Admiring spectators are always welcome - free entry

The day finishes by 4pm and gates close by 5pm.  If you have lost some property at the track, contact the venue who have a lost property box.